Recent Customer Reviews

Clint Chiasson reviewed Overcharge

Intense focus and great pump from overcharge. Flavoring was on point as well. Overall great product. Best preworkout money can buy!

Tyler Harrington reviewed Overcharge

Overcharge was hands down one of the best preworkouts I’ve tried in years. I’m a high stim guy, but don’t like that bad crashes they give. Overcharge kept me rolling full throttle the whole workout and I was able to still get a crazy pump with it, which is hard to get with high stims pre’s. Without a doubt will be my “go-to” preworkout from now on.

Quinn LeBlanc reviewed Overcharge

Tried Forg3d Nutrition’s fruit punch flavored Overcharge recently and if you are looking for what a pre-workout should deliver than look no further. Normally I am not a fan of the fruit punch flavor but Forg3d hit the nail on the head with the smooth taste and lack of bitter after taste that most contain. The energy and focus provided was incredible! Obviously the product is formulated with enough stimulant to get you through an extensive workout but not make you want to itch your skin off like other manufacturer’s products that are nothing more than beta-alanine and niacin to make you “feel” like they are working. Highly recommend this product if your looking to get the most out of your training!